3 Ways to Retain Employees

As challenging as the hiring process may be, the hard part isn’t over once you’ve filled a position. Creating a sound work environment to retain employees is key to any successful business. Losing employees is costly and the hiring process is expensive as well as painful. Here’s a list of tactics that will help you keep valuable employees on your team and within your immediate network.

  1. You must keep your workforce informed
    No one likes being the last to know anything, and this is especially true for employees within your organization. If there are any internal changes, be sure to inform your employees of what is happening and what is come. Transparency goes a long way.  You can implement a standard tactic dedicated to keeping your employees informed like a newsletter or quarterly update. The overriding idea is this: employees tend to assume the worst, so offering assurance and honesty will save your business from falling victim to the consequences of miscommunication and confusion in the workplace.

  2. It is important to leverage social media
    Your employees scroll through your social channels more than you think. Leverage social media to build excitement and share your vision for the future. You’ll find this opens the door to suggestions from your employees and productive communication within your team. New perspectives will help strengthen your vision, general approach, and direction down the road.

  3. Unify everyone within your workplace via mission statement
    Make sure your company’s mission statement is clear and easily repeated by any team member.

    People want more than a job—they want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. It wouldn’t hurt to create an environment that is mission-driven but feels family oriented.

    Creating a healthy work environment ultimately keeps your employees around like family. More than this being a financially sound investment, implementing employee retention tactics ensures everyone feels at his/her best to get the job done every single time.