An Introduction to Axim Roundtable

Ricky Hamilton

Today we’re presenting our first ever internal podcast: Axim Roundtable. Led by host Ricky Hamilton, Associate Producer, we’ll be covering a wide range of topics through discussions between the various members of our Axim team (and hopefully some guests, too). From episode to episode, the Axim Roundtable will get into the marketing and production industries, our internal challenges and developments, thoughts on the creative world at large, and whatever else makes for good conversation.

Why a podcast? For starters, it’s a great way to introduce ourselves and our company to you all in a meaningful way – our first three episodes are focused on that exact goal. We’ll cover the founding of Axim, how everyone came on board, each team member’s first impressions of our little agency, and a bit of what we hope the future holds for us. Though we all serve quite different roles on our team, everyone here at Axim has something valuable to offer to the rest of the group and to anyone else listening. As a smaller agency beginning to establish itself, we’re hoping to both share what we’ve learned up to this point and document our continued progress in a way that’s accessible and valuable to other creatives out there in a similar boat.

So, we hope you’ll enjoy our first few episodes, coming soon, and even stick around to see where we go from there. Every episode of Axim Roundtable will be filmed, meaning you can opt either to watch or listen, whatever’s most convenient for you. We’re working on making this podcast available wherever you listen to podcasts, but they’ll also always be here on our website.

Until we meet again, at the Axim Roundtable!