Axim Breakdown: Zanda Commercial

Welcome back to Axim Breakdowns, a series where members of our team dissect our own work from start to finish, concept to creation. We're deep-diving into projects including logos, videos, photo shoots, and much more to take a better look at how and why we made the creative and technical decisions that we did. Let's break it down.

In this episode, Senior Producer Cody is breaking down a commercial we filmed for our friends over at Tater Baseball, a Connecticut-based company that makes premium baseball equipment for professional and youth baseball players. A few months back, Tater was preparing to drop a new product, their Zanda Series batting gloves, and they came to us to film a commercial they could utilize across platforms to promote the release. Today, Cody is walking us through the making of the commercial we came up with and a bit of what went on behind the scenes.

If you'd like to check out the full video - or the batting gloves - head over to https://www.taterbats.com/pages/batting-gloves