Axim Insight: Tips for Creative Collaboration

Effective communication in collaboration is absolutely key in creative projects. In any field where creativity is an essential part of the work flow, being able to exchange and build upon ideas coherently, respectfully, and efficiently is not just a bonus - it's a prerequisite.

Based on his experience collaborating with others in a number of creative fields, Ricky Hamilton has collected some tips to help ease the process and ensure that you're a helpful, valuable part of your next creative endeavor:

  1. Start on the same page.
  2. Clarify team roles early on, and stick to them.
  3. Lead with questions, not suggestions.
  4. Present your thoughts as offers, not demands.
  5. Communication is key to both present success and future opportunity.

Working in a creative field is pretty much guaranteed to require a lot of collaboration from you. Working well with others is perhaps the singlemost important factor in achieving your creative ambitions and developing a career in your chosen field, and it's a skill that should be developed and honed just like any of the more technical processes you need for your work. Hopefully these tips help you come to the table more thoughtful, more prepared, and more capable of creating a kickass product.