Axim Insight: Formatting a Business Email

Love it or hate it, email is a staple of business comms, and will be for the foreseeable future. Today on Axim Insights, Project Manager Sabrina Rostkowski is breaking down her approach to email for maximum effectiveness and minimal miscommunication. The barrier to entry for email is nonexistent — literally anyone can write and send an email — which may make it seem like an insignificant mechanism in the ever-widening landscape of communication and management tools. However, by following some simple rules of engagement, your emails may become the most valuable weapon in your professional arsenal... or at the very least, they'll be legible.

In her role as PM, Sabrina sends a lot of emails to clients and contractors in a wide variety of industries. Here's what she's learned:


  1. Keep it short

  2. Learn your client and tailor your approach to them

  3. Every email should have an associated action item

  4. Assess when an email should be a call


  1. Utilize bullet points ;)

  2. Break up longer paragraphs (2-3 sentences max)

  3. Use color/shading to emphasize important information / action items


  1. Always use professionally appropriate grammar

  2. Keep your subject lines informative

  3. Keep a clean inbox, and well-organized archives — you never know when you'll need them

When utilized properly, email is a key information delivery system that supports an efficient work flow; when utilized improperly, chaos can and usually does ensue. Hopefully some of these tips help you keep the chaos at bay.