Axim Insight: How to Nail Your Video Interview

Video interviews are one of the best tools companies, no matter the industry, can use to share their story and show their personality. If you ever need to sit for a video interview as part of your role, your first instinct may be to feel nervous or intimidated, but you should first remember that if you've been asked, your company already thinks highly of you and believes you are capable of representing the brand effectively and professionally. Once you've got that in mind, these tips from our Associate Producer, Ricky Hamilton, will help you the rest of the way:

  1. Give yourself enough time to get there and not rush through the interview

  2. Prepare yourself with general answers and key talking points, but avoid scripting

  3. Practice saying your key points out loud in advance and see if it makes sense

  4. Bring back-up outfits in case of accidents or to better match the set

  5. Rephrase the questions as part of your responses

  6. Take a breath before you begin your answers and between thoughts

  7. Approach the interview as a conversation

Here at Axim, we have filmed many a video interview, and in our experience, utilizing these tips can make the difference between a nerve-racking experience and an awesome product that your team can use to make a great impression.