Axim Insight: Social Media is Not for Interns

Social media has moved far beyond a casual medium for sharing photos with friends and family. With a variety of platforms to choose from, multiple asset elements to juggle, advertising capabilities galore, and brand reputation at stake, social media today is a serious tool for business that can't be underestimated in our current marketing environment.

That said, many companies continue to operate under the assumption that a single, under-equipped social media manager or intern will be able to effectively take advantage of all the available opportunities social media has to offer. Axim president Karol joins us today to discuss four reasons why this approach is no longer cutting it:

  1. Democratization: everybody can access social media platforms, and everyone can post on them. 
  2. Multiple Disclipines: photography, videography, graphic design, copywriting, strategy, analytics - it takes a wide variety of skills to run a good social profile.
  3. Listening and Analytics: social media is a two-way street - success doesn't come simply with posting great content.
  4. Brand Voice: your social media content needs to effectively communicate your brand's values and personality with every single post.

Arming an intern with an iPhone and letting them loose with your social channels is not enough to create or maintain a brand presence that will really put in work for your business. In a highly saturated, ad-filled social media landscape, consistent, high-quality content that offers real value is the best way to stand out and grow a following -- and the best way to achieve that is with a team of skilled individuals who will help you make and distribute that content in the most effective way possible.