Axim Insight: Tips for Young Professionals

Any young professional embarking on their career has probably felt their share of imposter syndrome, or simply out of their depth. Establishing legitimacy in a new job as the youngest person in the room can be challenging — but it's definitely not impossible. With effective preparation, proper presentation, and a really good attitude, you can do a lot to bolster your position and earn the respect of your peers and supervisors.

At 24, PM Sabrina is usually on the younger side of the company, in relation to both our team and our clients. After nearly two years in her role, here's 5 tips she's picked up along the way to appear professional and be taken seriously:

  1. Clean up your overall presentation, from appearance to communication

  2. Do your research and have some actual expertise

  3. Always be open to learning, from anywhere or anyone

  4. Speak with the goal of adding value

  5. Establish clear boundaries

With time and solid effort, your company will come to learn your value and appreciate you as a great asset to the team — these tips will hopefully just expedite that process. Stay motivated, keep learning, and remember that everyone with a career was once where you are. Good luck!