Axim Insight: How to Shoot Sports

The next Axim Insight is up to bat: shooting sports with Senior Producer Cody Charneski. Achieving success with photography of any kind is no simple feat, and sports photography comes with layers of added difficulty. From the fast-moving subjects to the unpredictable and constantly changing environments, that "perfect" shot can be extremely elusive, discouraging both photographer and client. After years of trial, error, and learning on the fly, Cody's developed 5 tips to help you get the W:

  1. Know the sport you're shooting.

  2. Do your research and determine the look you want.

  3. Scout the location before game day, and make a plan.

  4. Develop solid working relationships with the players.

  5. Get down and dirty, baby.

Take these tips to the field, in the rink, or on the court and start getting those shots that make people stop scrolling. And keep your eye out for the next Insight on deck.