Axim Roundtable: Applying to a Marketing Firm

In episode 4 of the podcast, Johanna, Phil, Karol, and our host, Ricky dive deep into the Amazing World of Applying to a Marketing Firm. From general application dos and don'ts, to insider hiring insights, we're talking what makes an applicant (specifically to a creative position) stand out, how to be a successful candidate, and closing the deal.

0:00 - Intro Sequence

0:22 - High fives all around
0:40 - Introducing today’s cast
1:28 - The point of today’s episode: being a good job applicant
4:07 - The Application (how to be competitive)
8:45 - Qualities that stand out on creative resumes
13:39 - Tips on resume written content + what type of content stands out to employers
16:34 - What makes for a well rounded, well presented portfolio for a graphic designer?
22:50 - The importance of making an immediately strong first impression
26:11 - Cover letters, in a creative field — do they matter?
30:47 - The Interview (how to prepare)
39:04 - During + Post-Interview (how to close the deal)
41:22 - Final tips (the team drops some knowledge)

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