Axim Roundtable: Our Rebrand

Ricky Hamilton
In episode 5 of the podcast, Sabrina, Phil, Karol, and host Ricky are discussing everything that went into our own company rebrand, from the name to the logo to the website to our social media presence. It was a long, difficult process multiple years in the making, and we learned a lot about the purpose of a brand, why marketing is actually so valuable, and just how much it takes to actually pull off a successful rebrand.


0:00 - Intro Sequence

0:18 - Making fun of Cody

1:16 - Introducing today’s cast

2:05 - Super smooth segue into today’s topic: the Axim rebrand/refresh

5:19 - What made rebranding a high priority?

7:20 - Rebrand Attempt #1 (failure) vs. Rebrand Attempt #2 (success)

10:22 - Rebrand timeline

14:28 - What made Rebrand Attempt #1 a failure?

16:10 - Our mission + company name

19:56 - Our website

24:55 - Our logo 

30:36 - Social media + creating internal content

35:52 - Setting expectations + measuring results 

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