Axim Roundtable: School vs. No School

Ricky Hamilton
What do a fine arts student, a state school grad, an Ivy Leaguer, and a high school dropout have in common? They all work at Axim. In episode 6 of the podcast, Sierra, Ricky, Sabrina, and Karol discuss their educational experiences, how they prepared them (or didn't) for the real world, whether college as we know it today is still a worthy endeavor, and tips for navigating the tricky waters of higher education.

0:00 - Intro Sequence
0:39 - High fives all around, as usual
1:33 - Introducing today’s cast + topic
2:20 - Are you satisfied with your choices regarding education?
10:45 - Alternative paths to college / room for failure?
16:58 - What is lost in modern higher education?
27:29 - Let’s talk about random required classes + being strategic about education
31:38 - What would you have done differently?
36:47 - The great gen ed debate
40:52 - Zoom school + the value of different institutions
48:14 - Research programs, faculty, facilities, and extracurriculars
53:27 - Did your educational experience prepare you for your role at Axim?
59:21 - Last words of advice

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