Axim Roundtable: Social Media Marketing

Ricky Hamilton

In less than two decades, social media has completely revolutionized our information sharing landscape, and the impact it's had on marketing is absolute. The pace of change hasn't slowed down either - with every new feature and every new platform, businesses (and their marketing agencies) have to be ready to pivot to the newest, highest performing trends at the speed of tech summits. Cody, Johanna, Ricky, and Dave dive into the always evolving world of social media on episode 7 of the Roundtable.

0:00 - Intro Sequence
0:48 - Introducing today’s cast + topic
2:32 - What’s your relationship with social media?
7:52 - Is social media a must for every business?
13:49 - Can social media influence your brand? How?
23:54 - Can social media be templatized?
26:56 - How to be an effective social media manager
34:40 - The Great IG Reels Debate
43:44 - Awareness: the key to social media management
49:15 - What’s next in social media?

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