Axim Roundtable: Time to Scale

Ricky Hamilton
The next round of hires to join the team get to tell their side of the story. Featuring Johanna Vicenty (Project Manager), Phil Powers (Senior Graphic Designer), Sierra Goodnough (Junior Graphic Designer), and of course our host, Ricky Hamilton, they're talking first impressions of the agency, the office, and our fearless leader, Founder/President Karol. This is part 2 of a 3-part introductory series to the making of our team. 

0:00 - Intro Sequence

0:31 - Introducing today’s cast

1:18 - Everyone’s general experience since starting at Axim

3:24 - Johanna and Sierra on finishing their degrees while working at Axim

5:35 - Phil’s background in the industry

8:50 - Ricky on graduating and trying to freelance during COVID

12:04 - The Axim hiring experience

13:12 - Johanna’s hiring story

14:41 - Phil’s hiring story

17:55 - Sierra’s hiring story

21:29 - Johanna on hiring others as a recent hire (the vibe check) + our team dynamic

25:45 - Ricky’s hiring story

29:05 - Axim starts assembling

33:02 - What major changes have taken place since you started?

35:47 - What’s next for Axim?

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