From Redundant to Revamped: Hire with Video Onboarding

In today's world, companies are hiring more aggressively than ever, which means companies are repeatedly going through the onboarding process. Today, we’re going over how to utilize video to make the process more streamlined, less painful, and most importantly, less costly.

By adding a video library to your onboarding system, you will offer new team members a smoother experience and save both time and money while cutting down on annoying repetitive activities. Plus, you will empower your employees by giving them a library to refer to anytime they need help with a particular task. Here are 3 reasons you should incorporate video into your onboarding process.

  1. Visual Processing is KEY

Video has quickly become the medium of choice for conveying information and educating efficiently. Most of the human brain is devoted to visual processing. The brain responds to visuals quickly and visual information is retained far better than plain text or other information. Video is demonstrative, which also helps because humans like to learn by seeing someone else do something, then replicating that action. It’s like a video version of monkey-see monkey-do. 

  1. Be Kind. Afford the Chance to Rewind!

Turn boring standard operating procedures into tantalizing video! As necessary as SOPs are, they aren’t the most exciting thing in the world and are present much better in video format. This is especially true of work that needs to be demonstrated or processes that need visualization and some context. Oftentimes, people like to pause the video and see where they are at in the process before moving to the next step. Having a visual point of reference instead of just plain text helps immensely. 

  1. Increase Quality. Save Time.

With video onboarding, employers are equipped with a standard protocol that's appropriate for any new hire and infinitely repeatable. These videos are a one-time investment that will save you time and money, while increasing the quality of the onboarding process for both employer and employee.

Onboarding is costly, repetitive, and time consuming. Adding a robust video library to create a smooth and painless process will pay dividends for you and your new hires time and time again.

Happy onboarding and good luck automating your hiring process with video!