Axim Insight: What a Logo is Not

Welcome to the first of our Axim Insights, a series of our takes on the marketing and design industry at large. In 5 minutes or less, we're tackling topics from design, to communications, to technicals, and sharing whatever wisdom we've gained over the years  our Insights, if you will.

Today, we're talking branding, specifically: logos. Your logo is an integral part of your brand, and if it's done right, it can drive the entire look and feel of all your marketing efforts. The trouble is, many businesses misunderstand the goal of what a logo should do and be, confusing its purpose with other aspects of branding strategy. It can be easy to go wrong when creating a logo, so we're covering the top 5 things your logo is not, according to Axim president Karol Steczkowski:

  1. Your logo is not your brand.

  2. Your logo is not communication — it's identification.

  3. Your logo does not have to please everyone, it has to please your target audience.

  4. Your logo does not have to be a literal translation of what you do.

  5. Your logo should not be complex.

Keep all of these points in mind about what a logo shouldn't be when you're designing a new logo, and enjoy the process. Get it together, simplify, and make something unique.